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Jewelry Schools in Seattle

I have a former student who moved to the Seattle area and would like
to continue her jewelry classes.

She can only find beginning classes thru the community college. She
would also be interested in renting studio time.

I am not familiar with the Seattle area. I know UW is one of the
best but she is not able to attend.

Sue Ann Dorman

Sue Ann,

North Seattle Community College offers many jewelry classes. Another
wonderful resource is Pratt Fine Arts Center which offers classes,
workshops and studio rental slots. They are well equipped with
casting, electroforming, raising and fabricating capabilities. There
has also recently opened a small jewelry school offering classes and,
I believe, studio rental. The name, of course, escapes me this
morning, but I’m sure that someone will remember.

Above all else, your student should contact and join the Seattle
Metals Guild.

The Seattle area is a very good place to be a metalsmith. This area
abounds with talent and people who willingly-- and gladly – share

Hope this helps,
Andy Cooperman

Pratt school of fine arts has jewelry classes, should be in the local
phone book, there was courses offered in the community colleges, but
I think there is another institution that has a good rep. Evergreen
college, but it may be located in auburn. wish I could remember more,
call ‘Vinny’ at Seattle findings and he has a more recent knowledge!


Sue, She might be able to classes at the UW through Extension if
the space is available, email Mary Hu at and
inquire. Pratt and North Seattle are also excellent choices.

James McMurray

And here’s a guild, sort of near you:

Creative Metal Arts Guild
P.O. Box 8946
Portland, OR 97207

For about membership, send us an email or write us at
the above address. Please include your mailing address, phone
number, email (if applicable) and a detailed message.

Elaine Luther
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
Hard to Find Tools for Metal Clay

Evergreen State College is indeed a wonderful facility for
metalsmithing. Jean Mandenberg is an extraordinary teacher in my
opinion. The problem is that Evergreen is in Olympia, the capitol of
Washington state, which is about 90 miles south of Seattle.

Andy Cooperman