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Jewelry Schools in NYC and Spain

I am a beginning jewelry student in NYC, and was wondering if
anyone has any opinions on where to study - to get a solid
foundation creatively, technically, and business wise. I am
looking for schools in NYC area, and also in Spain (Madrid or

Here are a few NY schools that offer metal and jewelry classes:

Parsons School of Design Pratt Institute Rochester Institute of Technology -not in the city, but has the School for
American Crafts which looks more creative than the Product Design
courses that Parsons and Pratt offer.

And if you are just looking for a few classes rather than a
university course: 92nd Street YMCA - has
some good classes and a work shop coming up with Thomas Mann on how
to manage an art career. Hopefully I will be able to attend that


Thank you for the jewelry school suggestions. I looked into Pratt
and Parsons before and couldn’t find anything, but sometimes you
need to just find the right person.

I am taking classes now at 92Y and love it, I was just looking for
a formal course outline to round me out.

Thanks again.

If it is a formal curriculum that you are looking for try FIT (
Fashion Institute of Technology ), FIT is a part of the State
University and has a degree program in Jewelry as as accessory to
their Fashion program. You may be able to pick and choose the
courses you want if a complete program is too much for you.

Sol K.