Jewelry sales

Janet, I tried ebay for about 3 months, putting up 7-10 auctions a
week. Loose stones sold okay, some went for far too much and some went
for next to nothing. Jewelry never went close to my retail prices. I
started the auctions just under wholesale. Nothing over $50 sold. One
bidder never sent the money and continued to bid on my auctions. 2
packages disappeared in the mail, one was returned undeliverable. 2
people sent money over 2 months after the end of auction. Ebay has no
way to block specific bidders from your auction. If you have a non
payment you have to wait a month and send an official warning. 10
business days later you can get your eBay fees back. I was also afraid
to give negative feedback for fear of retaliation…there are a lot of
nuts out there on ebay. It did generate lots of traffic to my site
but I haven’t gotten any return customers directly from the auctions
won. I rarely see jewelry going for any significant amount of money,
and almost never from the designer themselves. Ebay takes lots of
paperwork, mailing, organizing, and the fees do add up, especially if
you get non payers. There’s also the photo taking and description
writing…a time consuming process. It was an interesting experiment
but not worth it for me!

Amy O’Connell
Amy O’Connell Jewelry