Jewelry Sales Reps

Jewelry Sales Reps for the fashion/accessories market

Good day fellow List readers, I am a fashion/costume jewelry designer
working in semi-precious, glass, and base-metal designs for the
fashion jewelry and accessories market. Currently I have my work in
12 upscale apparel and gift boutiques (Chicago area) but am looking
to expand. I am looking for reps/rep companies for the regional
markets. Does anyone have any contacts?

I have had contacts with some people at the Merchandise Mart here in
Chicago but have had limited success.

A touch of background since this is my first post. My background is
in fine jewelry (GIA, QA Director and buyer for national chain,
jobber shop work, upscale retail sales and repair.) I became burned
out 5 yrs ago and left the business but the bug kept biting me and I
wanted to return to the work but on my own terms. My current line is
predominantly bead work in semi precious with “silver” and “gold"
accents. The stringing is done on silk, knotted and all pieces are
packaged in name stamped “leather” cases with velvet lining. All my
designs are limited to 100 pieces or less. My work has been
described as “tailored”, “elegant”, “upscale”, “clasic”, and
"old-money” by my retailers. I have tried to blend the elegance,
look and style of fine jewelry but for a lesser price point to
appeal to retailers that use jewelry as a secondary line. My wholsale
prices range from $10 to $75 packaged.

Any advice is greatly apprecaited!

Best regards,
Michael A. Gaines Distinctive Jewelry

Mike, I am a rep in MN, and would be interested in looking at your
line, can you e-mail some pics off this list , jewlr1@aol. I would
like also to talk further with you.

I look forward to seeing your line and hearing from you,

Bari Sodikoff