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Jewelry Roadtrip

Hello all!

I came back from the Clasp conference so inspired by the people I met
and the conversations that I had. I am planning on driving around the
country this winter to establish store accounts, explore gem mines,
caves, hot springs and…research industrial processes that have
application to the jewelry industry and meet with/interview jewelers
in their studios, working with video and writing. I am pitching the
concept to magazines and trade groups. I realized that there is alot
of new technology out there that I have no clue about since I was
trained very traditionally 20 years ago so I am going to self educate
by seeing the processes in action as I don’t understand as well by
just reading about them. I have talked to alot of people since and
there seems to be a market for the edited at the end of
my journey as a video or presentation at some trade conferences. I am
talking processes like the powder enameling of the big trucks at the
Peterbilt factory, waterjet cutting in the aerospace industry, powder
metal depositing at the San Di National Labs…

if anyone has ideas of places for me to go or people for me to
interview please email me.

Beth McElhiney

Sounds like fun! So I must introduce myself. I am Canyon Cassidy of
Nevada Cassidys, we own and operate the Stone Mtn Turquoise Mine in
Northern Nevada. The mine resides in Lyon County outside the Capital
(Carson City) about a couple hrs. We have people come by our home
and shop sometime, so when you ar in the area give us a ring and we
would be happy to show you our stones and the athmosphere of the old
comstock in Silver City NV. Oh and here is our website,


Hi Canyon,

I will definitely keep you in mind when I’m planning my next road
trip. Your turquoise is beautiful and I love that it is natural.

Rick Copeland
Silversmith and Lapidary Artisan
Colorado Springs, Colorado