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Jewelry repair school in NY?



I’m looking for a jewelry repair school in NY or NJ. If any one
knows about a good school I would appriciate to let me please know.



The are quite a few I remember Studio Jewelers. Look for it in
Manhattan. Robert and his Japanese wife runs the school. He had many
happy students. There is also Parsons school and the 92ndY have good
jewelry classes.

Regards Kenneth Singh


Studio Jewelers, Ltd gives a course in jewelry repair. Contact them
at or 212-686-1944. Owner is Robert
Streppone. Lovely people.

Dikra Gem Inc.


I’m in New York, but travelled down to Virginia Beach to do the
three month course at New Approach School for Jewelers. I only found
one place that did such a course in NY, and I so much prefered the
look of NAS that I was willing to travel and stay down there for
three months.

Blaine (the main man) is an awsome teacher, as well as a really fun
guy to boot, we did so much in the space of three months, repair,
stone setting, engraving, wax carving, fabrication, platinum…
The classroom is fantastic - really bright and airy, spacious and
clean (as opposed to the one I checked out in NY that felt like a
sweatshop (I guess its the space thing in NY). Not to mention they
have some great tools - apart from the ones I nicked on our last day!
Just kidding on that part :slight_smile: Seriously if that is an option for you,
do it, its only an hour flight via delta to come back to visit on a
few weekends.