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Jewelry repair market

Hello my name is alberto Sandoval, I completed the graduate jeweler
program at Revere Academy of jewelry Arts in San Francisco California
in 1999. After I graduated from Revere I went to work for a company
for a bout a year doing jewelry repairs. After That I went to work for
another company doing what I love most jewelry repairs I was there a
bout nine months. Now I want to open my own jewelry epair shop but I
need advice? What can you tell me a bout the jewelry repair market? How
well does a jewelry repair shop will do? Also I want to buy some tools
but I need some advice, can you tell me what are the most important
tools to have in a jewelry repair shop? I have a few pliers, a bench. I
want to buy, polishing machine, casting machine, rolling mill,
ultrasonic cleaner, plating machine, angraving machine, ring
encgravin machine, and some other tools. Thank you for your attention
and I’m loking forward to hearing from you. ATT: Alberto

Reply to Alberto Sandoval, 8/14/2001

My name is Jay Pullum. I buy and sell used and refurbished jewelry
equipment. My company is Jewels Tools.

Some of the most important tools you will need for a jewelry repair
shop will be first, cleaning equipment such as Ultrasonic cleaner,
steamer and buff machine for polishing.

At this time I have a steamer, ultrasonic cleaner, Dust Collector,
centrifugal casting machine, vacumn casting machine, engraving
machine, bench lite and many more items. You can e-mail me at

** Hanuman Response **

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