Jewelry rating

Hi David, Glad to see your enthusiam for the jewelry rating concept.
I posed the idea a year ago and nobody picked up on it. Personally ,
I think that there is a real need for it. You suggested various
approaches, all of which were valid, but none of which was designed
to have ready access by the public. In my view this concept should
have been taken up by the Jewelers Vigilance Commitee LONG ago. It
is obviously their implied responsibility ! If we don’t take some
kind of action before long our standards will have sunk so low that
they might never recover. UNINFORMED CONSUMERS CANNOT MAKE
higher standards without knowing what those standards should be and
how they might be measured. Every time the poor consumer gets ripped
by the fast buck artists it hurts us all !

I think that I will send a letter to the J.V.C. and see what their
take might be. If they poo poo the idea, I will then solicit
suggestions from other Orchid members to see how we might address
the issue. Thanks for your interest. Ron at Mills Gem, Los Osos,