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Jewelry program for high school

Dear Ganoksin & Orchid Members,

My name is Jess Lazarus and I am looking to develop a Jewelry
Program at the Middle/High School in Lee, MA.

At this point, I have enameling powders and the ability to buy copper
and other raw materials for students to work with. However, I am in
need of an enameling kiln, pench pins, jewelers saws and any other
tools I can acquire to help students learn, experiment with and
better understand the basics of enameling and cold-connecting jewelry
making. If you have any ideas on companies that may be interested in
recieving a tax write-off or any individuals that could donate, in
addition to any other suggestions, that would be very helpful.

Feel free to email offline

Thank You,
Jess Lazarus
Arts Teacher
Lee Middle/High School


There is an enameling expert in the Amherst, MA area named Margaret
Langdell. I believe she teaches in the high school. She might have
time to discuss your project. She has taught high school jewelry
making in the past. She is an excellent teacher.

Good luck,

Hi Mary,

I am very overwhelmed by learning a new job while amy life is totally
in flux. It was nice of you to mention my name, but I do not think I
could be much help to anyone right now.