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Jewelry pricing and inventory software for MAC

Can anyone recommend a software package (for MAC) that allows you to
track inventory, help with pricing, perhaps allow you to input
pictures along with instructions on how the piece was made, etc.
Would love to hear what other jewelers use for software. Thanks,

Hello Karen

FileMaker Pro will do everything you need. It works on either PC or
Mac and is easily customized to whatever business you have. We have
used it for my husband’s business (designing and selling equipment
to industry) and for my small import business for at least 15 years
now. It comes with templates which you can customize for your
business or with some experience you can set up your own system. It
isn’t cheap, about $350 per computer, but you will never need to
learn another program and they support older versions of the program
for many years. You can do invoicing, inventory management, track
cost of goods sold and customer and there are fields to
easily add notes and photos.

Diana Jones

I have been using Bead Manager Pro for about half a year on my Mac.
Keeps track of parts and finished pieces, as well as sales and
customers and vendors. So far, I am satisfied. What are others using?


I use bead manager pro, as well. great for pricing & inventory. We
tried doing our own thing with filemaker pro, I’m very well versed
in it, but soon discovered that why do I need to reinvent the wheel
when there’s one staring me in the face!

One thing, does anyone know if Bead Designer Manager Pro can be
networked. I would like to share the same file with my assistant. If
nobody knows, no worries, I’ll just email the creator.

Happy designing!!!

We tried doing our own thing with filemaker pro, I'm very well
versed in it, but soon discovered that why do I need to reinvent
the wheel when there's one staring me in the face! 

There should not be a problem with the FILE being on another
computer and accessing it from another desktop.

David Geller

I have been using Bento and am thrilled with it. I have it both on my
MacBook and my iPhone which allows me to see my inventory and items
in stock wherever I go. You can sync them from anywhere so if I sell
an item to a shop or purchase stones from a vendor I can make updates
on the go if needed. it’s template driven which makes it very easy to
work with and you can organize everything from pricing, inventory,
items in stock, shops and galleries, individual customer info, create
files for individual projects, and a lot more. And the price is
great: it’s only $29.99 for the Mac and $4.99 for the iPhone.

Alaina Burnett