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Jewelry Photographer in San Diego?

Seasons Greetings to everyone!

I’ve been asked by a friend who is not currently on Orchid (too
much to read, too little time) whether I knew any good
photographers in the San Diego/Orange County area.

The work will be primarily for full color printing, so digital is
not a main consideration.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

And for those people not in the San Diego/Orange County (southern
California) area, a question for everyone:

How do(did) you find your photographer?

What criteria are you looking for?

wishing that the weather would make up its mind

Kat - I live in the San Diego area so I am very interested in
any responses to your inquiry. I used Hap Sakwa for my photography

  • he’s in Sebastapol - and I found him by asking a number of
    jewelers for recommendations. There were other photographers
    closer to San Diego than Sebastapol, but Gary Blau of Los
    Angeles was out of the country for a month when I needed my
    photos, and another photographer in Carlsbad charged $300 per
    hour - way beyond my budget. If you want his name,please contact me off line.

$300/hour is ridiculous, unless he’s Harold & Erica Van Pelt!

Can you give me Hap Sakwa’s contact info?

My friend has been talking to a few photographers in the area,
they all seem to want $150/hour but aren’t really willing to
show samples of work, and this is gonna be a challenging shoot.

Thanks for the info! I’ll keep you updated.


Kat, I live in Hap Sakwa’s area, and I and several others here
have used him as a photographer. He does fantastic work!


Kat, if your project is something that you feel comfortable
shipping, or is something that can be shipped to be photographed,
let me know and I will give you an estimate of the cost. As you
may have read recently, I have been photographing jewelry for
quite some time for quite a few jewelers, some who are members of Orchid.

May I suggest contacting the local university/college? Starving
students work cheap, and are glad to have the experience in
exchange for using you as a reference. Contact the professor of
Photography, and ask for his recommendation as to a promising
student. This also works if you need, say, a mural painted in
your shop, or you need the front of your business or windows
painted thusly. The possibilities are endless!

When you have no money, you get real creative…
God Bless,
the other Donna

Hap Sakwa’s #


He has done great slides for me, many fellow jewelers, and a
number of my students.

Jima & Carlie Abbott /N. Calif/ @jica
check out our work on the web at: