Jewelry/Metals Symposium [Was: Seattle Area Metalsmithing Groups}

  there's a jewelery symposium the 7,8,9,10 at Pratt Fine Art
Center, a meeting of the Seattle metals guild and more(they
are extrememly active-lots of workshops etc). Pratt's number is
206-328-2200, Annat is the Jewlery technician and contact for
further info. I'm one of a number giving a lecture on

There are a lot of workshops going on that weekend!
Unfortunately, I had to choose between Charles’ class (Hinges
and Catches) and a Marketing workshop. As usual, the
"business" part won out. I wish I didn’t have to choose!!

Also, I just got a postcard regarding the symposium:

There will be a (free) reception at Pratt Fine Arts Center (1902
S. Main Street, Seattle) on Friday, April 9, 7:00pm - 10:00pm.
There will be studio demonstrations in jewelry, live
glassblowing, and an exhibit of works of degree students from
across the country.

So, who’s gonna be there?

Hope to meet you!
Marlo Miyashiro
Marlo M. Jewelry Design
Seattle, WA