"Jewelry Master System"

I am wondering if any Orchidians would comment on the Jewelry
master system. How user friendly is it? Do you need to master 3d
modeling to work it or is there an approach that will generate a
3d object from a front, side and top view? Do you receive all
necessary milling machines to become an effective operator, when
you purcase the standard package? If not, how expensive are they
and who handles them for the jewelry industry? How dose it
compare with other CAD systems, particularly Autocad R14 or 2000
and with Rhino systems? Are there other systems out there which
are adequate? How steep is the learning curve for these systems?
Assume some knowledge in CAD using Corel Draw 8 and Autocad R
14, but by no means aCAD expert? Any insight would be very much appreciated. -

The Jewelry Master system comes with Cimigraphi(sp?) software. I
have been told that it is more difficult to master than ArtCAM,
the software that I use that comes with the Art2Part system made
by Model Master in Atlanta. In any event the design is milled
from the top, so you do not need 3D modeling software. I use
Corel Draw in wireframe mose to draw much of the design as a top
view, then ArtCAM to produce the model and tool path.

Rick Hamilton