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Jewelry manufacturing

To whom it may concern,

I am a student at Arizona State University majoring in
Purchasing and Logistics Management. I have been assigned to a
team to do a commodity study. My group have picked PLATINUM for
our commodity study. The end product will be wedding ring
(using platinum). A small part of the report is the production
process, which involve getting the raw material “platinum” to
make the wedding ring. Assuming we have the raw material, how do
we make wedding ring out of platinum?

Please help us explain the process (equipment use for melting
platinum,mold, casting, etc.). This report will be due on
September 25, so your immediate response will be appreciated.


William Lim
Arizona State University

I’ll let the fabricators speak for themselves. I cast Plat for
engagement and wedding bands. To use this method an artist or
jeweler would carve a pattern or wax model in hard carving wax
(or even build up drip wax) and add some channels or wax rods
called sprues to deliver the molten metal. Placement of the
sprue(s) is critical the outcome of the casting. This is placed
on a sprue base and surrounded with a flask, a small metal can.
This can is filled with investment (sort of like plaster). For
Plat you need a high temp investment that will withstand temps
arround 1600 F or more. The flask is placed in a kiln after the
investment hardens. The wax is incinerated and is ready to cast
when it is glowing hot.Small shops use a vertical centrifuge and
a torch to melt the metal. Large prodution facilities use
induction casting machines that can cast large flasks. From
there the polishing process begins. my e-mail