"jewelry manufacturing, the art and science book"

i have just looked through rio grande’s new tool catalog and am
curious about a book i saw there.

has anyone seen “jewelry manufacturing, the art and science book” by
philip e. romanoff? it sounds like the book that i had fantasized
that john burgess would write for us.

if you have seen the book, how detailed is it? do you think it would
answer some of the physics and chemistry questions that come up on

jean adkins

Comments on the Romanoff book: This book has a lot of
but seems mostly cobbled together from jewelry factory large scale
machine operating manuals. It has specific instructions for lots of
small, medium and large scale pieces of industrial strength equipment.
If you have a factory you should get it. I have a copy, am glad to
have it in my own library, but while it has a lot of it is
not set up as well as it could be and is mostly of use to big
manufacturers.Picture quality is rocky. I was disapointedin my copy
and did not feel we wanted to sell the book at Brain Press. Instead I
recommend “Jewelry Technology” by Diego Pinton. We sell it, as do a
number of other suppliers and sources. It is excellent, as is “Theory
and Practice of the Goldsmith” by Erhard Brepohl (translated by me)
which is due out (right now it is sitting at the indexers) in August.

Here is the Pinton book description

This book is an absolute must have if you are interested in how
things work, what they are for, how to do jewelry making techniques
for production or one of a kind goldsmithing. It has everything, from
metallurgy to the chemistry of flux, from alloying to how to use
measuring tools of bind items for soldering. Lots of catches nd
findings. This book is the working person’s version of Oppi Untracht’s
books. A unique, serious, important book. It is a scientific, rational
approach to goldsmithing and jewelry making. It has all the good bits
that are normally left out of North American jewelry making books. If
you are a serious goldsmith or jeweler you will really want this one.
There is nothing like this book in English except the Brepohl’s Theory
and Practice of the Goldsmith. 407 pages crammed, laden, stuffed with

      Chapters include:
      Measuring systems
      Metrology (measuring and fitting)
      Elements of Chemistry
      Properties of Materials
      Metals Used in Jewellery
      Mechanical Workings
      Jointing Elements
      Fastening Devices
      chemical Substances in Jewellery
      Heat Treatments (including hardening gold alloys with heat)
      Environment Effects on Gold Alloys
      Surface Finishing
      Investing Casting Technique
      Loss of Work (avoiding metal recovery losses)
      Assaying and Refining
      Environment and Occupational Hygiene
      Business Management

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