Jewelry Manufacturers in Los Angeles?

Hello, I would like to put a small line into production but am having a hard time finding individual bench Jewelers who want to do this type of piece work. I have been contacted by numerous production houses in L.A but it is difficult to discern quality. Can anyone recommend a company in L.A? I would prefer to find an outside model maker though. Thank you, Carmella

I might be interested in your production needs.
Contact offline

Hello Carmella
Please speak to Vahan @ R&M Fine.
R&M Fine Inc.

610 S Broadway #529
Los Angeles, CA 90014


We aren’t from the US but can easily cater to your needs. We can manufacture and ship items to you. Shipping would take about 3-4 days (including clearing US customs). If you’re interested, please get in touch with me.
We’re based in India. I’d be happy to send over a sample of your design in sterling silver to show you the finishing and quality of our work.
We understand that most jewellers start out small and would be happy to accomodate your needs for prototyping and small orders.