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Jewelry making supplies and materials in France?

Hey everybody,

A Student/Friend of mine recently moved from the US back home to the
Cognac region of France. She finally got her studio set up. But
she’s having trouble finding materials and supplies there. Does
anybody have any recommendations of where she might find some


I would be glad to send a catalog to her and help in any way…

Andy The Tool Guy

Hi Aaron

She might try Phorzheim in Germany. Fisher there is one incredible
supplier and I’m sure they would ship to her in France, what with
the EU and all.


Karl Fischer in Germany is a source I use here in the US for many
items from blowpipes to stones that are different than the usual fare
from most vendors. Most US suppliers will also mail internationally
as long as it isn’t haz mat type items /chemicals. but the best thing
for your friend to do is her own research! She can contact the
regions Chamber of Commerce for assistance.

for a more rural chamber satellite office. They are better than my
contacting friends and their contacting friends none of who live near
Cognac. I’m afraid she will have to travel to Paris and other big
cities for “Jeweler’s Supermarkets” like we have herer. There are
many local Jeweler’s all over France that may be willing to help her
establish contacts, but without an established business license she
may be better off ordering internationally from a vendor like
Rosenthal’s or Rio Grande, Karl Fischer GMBH, or using the above
resources in Cognac to put her in touch with closer than Paris
vendors or sources.

While she may find a refinery and foundry near her location, the rest
of her goods may not be available locally. Nice is not a Jewellery
capital at all in fact it is primarily a agrarian culture with most
working in wine and distilling and then professions related to
support that industry) like cooperage, and copper works, farm
equipment, etc, and a few odd glass works in the area- as one needs
bottles to package wines and spirits !!!). I hope this helps give you
a picture of what Nice is like as well as the distance from suppliers
she will be. The Chamber’s however will have contact with other
chambers in larger cities where bijouxterie is more common, as are
suppliers- though from what I know there are very few retail
suppliers in France. The Larger firms having their own millworks and
ordering metals and stones in larger quantities. Your friend would be
better off going to the vintners with original designs to add to
"special edition" or reserve packaging, if not some service that has
not been available to people in the area before her return, like a
repair shop for instance. There may also be programmes that will
allow her entry into journeyman or trade paths in jewellery she
should check into if a student and of student age (some
programmes cut off admissions at about 30 yrs. of age)…RER

Hey !

Thanks so much for the I’ll pass it along. I’m trying to
hook her up with ganoksin. So hopefully that will work out for her



She could try Bijoux Moderne in Belgium. I know they stock a pretty
decent range of hand tools & etc. Being continental, shipping
shouldn’t be a problem.


I buy my materials/tools on line from Bijou Moderne in the
Netherlands (they speak English). Give your friend my address :
[L. savineau at], so she can contact me personnally for
more info.