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Jewelry making programs

HI Folks I’m new to this email digest and finding it interesting.
I’m wondering if any of you can help me locate some jewelry making
programs at the high school level here in the USA, but anywhere in
the world really (with our electronic capabilities). I’m working on
setting up a program at a school in northern India, that along with
my Indian teacher, we Westerners created for our kids, away from some
of the not so positive infuences of our modern culture here in the
States. We have built a great facility and I’m looking for help with
curriculum, etc. I majored in gold and silversmithing in college and
produce a couple of lines of jewelry presently. Thanks for anything
you can suggest.
Jot Singh Khalsa designer, bladesmith/goldsmith Millis, MA USA

Dear Jot,

I have taught high school students, and middle school students many
jewelry making classes and would be very willing to share my
experiences with you. Contact me off line and I will answer any
questions you have.

Sharron in Bahrain

Hi Jot, My name is Helen Malchow and I set up our jewelry program
three years ago. I teach 9-12 and the class is open to those
students that take our foundations class. Email me at this address
for curriculum. Best wishes, Helen in CT.

I have been collecting data on high schools with jewelry programs
and have a data-base of contact for about 50 programs.
Please contact me at 401-274-3840 for more info.

MJSA has two programs for high school students. Tools for Schools, a
way for high schools to purchase supplies at discount prices and The
Future of the Industry Awards, a high school design competition. We
also partner with SNAG on a high school outreach grant program

If you know of any high school teachers with jewelry programs please
ask them to contact me if they would like to participate in these

Mary Walek Director of Education Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers
of America.