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Jewelry making on Youtube?

What are some of your favorite Youtube channels that you spends hours watching jewelry fabrication?


What’s the channel that you usually watch?

i love soham harrison’s youtube channel (1soham1), and of course rio grande’s jewelry tutorials


Well. I am a bit biased but I would say this guy. :wink:

I have a couple of vids on Ganoksin as well. Loosehelm
Mostly jewelry related things but some ‘just for fun’ things also.

Gerald A. Livings
Livingston Jewelers

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I love Soham as well!

I also subscribe to many of the stone setting channels. I just search for stone setting and click away!


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Soham Harrison has a very methodical was of teaching, he sets out very clearly each step of the process. I’m a great fan and have watched all of them.

Yes, Soham Harrison is GREAT! He has partnered with Peter Keep with an online school, Jewellery Training Solutions @ they ask you to self critique your work, giving you questions to ask, making for great Socratic teaching. They also offer certificates when certain stages are passed. Their videos are also easy to follow, filled with great content, succinct and to the point.



Thanks for the heads up on that site, Good to know! I just checked out some of the free videos. (may consider membership.)


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Peter Keep at Jewellery Training Solutions
Amazingly talented, friendly, highly qualified, experienced jeweller. Very easy to understand as he takes you through the complete steps of making various items of jewellery, including rings, chains, bracelets, pendants, etc. Along the way, he kindly shares lots of tips and tricks for soldering etc and shares many other useful ideas. A valuable resource! Worth paying for a subscription to access his videos.
Nettie, Perth, Western Australia

I have also watched Soham. Learned a number of tricks and hints.

I was going to suggest Peter Too. He is more advanced, I started with soham harrison, there is also Nancy Hammelton for quick east lessons. I have learned quite a bit from these people. I’m more a hobbyist then a professional.
I do things at my own pace and love to create things. I only use silver. Cost less to play with and I can always scrap it and make more stock.

Here is one of my tutorials… end crimps. It’s all fun to do. But making videos this was my first one.