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Jewelry Making equipment still available

My husband who passed away June 1, 2019, was a master bench jeweler for over 30 years and I posted last year that I had some of his jewelry equipment for sale. I am thankful to have met people both online and in-person who purchased some of his equipment. I still have some equipment available. Should you be interested please let me know. I live in Northwest Arkansas. I will be posting pictures ASAP.


Please post photos and your prices, thanks.


Iā€™m sure many folks are interested, but we need pictures and prices. Thanks.

Please post photos of what tools you may have. I would be interested in a ring stretcher if you had one.

I apologize for not having posted pictures yet!! I promise I will. I have them on my phone, but some of them have sold. I have to get back into the shoppe!!

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My condolences to you and your family - as it is never easy to lose someone. Please let me know if you have a beverly shears for sale. A picture w/ a couple of views & price would be great - as i am in Illinois. Thank you !