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Jewelry making class

Hello: I live in Southern California, specifically Riverside County. I
am looking for someplace or someone who teaches Wire wrapping or
Fabrication of jewelry. I have been cutting gems for quite a while and
most if not all of my material requires custom settings. I took a
class several years ago at the Riverside Art Museum, but they no
longer have a class in jewelry making and I can’t locate any other
place. I can not afford the classes at GIA in Carlsbad. I don’t mind
traveling 40 or 50 miles from my home, but I am looking for a small
studio or an individual who would be willing to give me some lessons.
Any would be greatly appreciated.

Ede Colletti- @Steven_Colletti

Dear Ede,

California Crafts in Buena Park offers classes in wire wrapping.
They are a bit pricy but I assume far less than GIA. My other
suggestion would be to ask around at rock shows. There are also
several guys out at the VA hospital in Long Beach’s program who are
fine wire wrappers. One of them may be more than willing to teach.

Best of Luck,


Ede, check out some of the community colleges. they used to offer
some really fine instruction in metal techniques. You might try
Citrus College, and Mt. San Antonio. Also, call California Crafts
in L. A… They might be able to tell you about courses being
offered in So. Cal., and may have some about private
instruction in wire wrapping. Good luck.


Steven, Try some of the Jr Colleges, Santiago College in Santa Ana,
Saddleback in Mission Viejo are two I know of. There are other Jr.
Colleges in Northern Org. Co. That have Silversmith Classes., As Far
As wire wrap. I teach at the Bead Station in Lake Forest/El Toro,

Hello Ede,

You would be welcome to come to the Glendora Gems club. We meet at
Glendora High school. Tuesday evenings we have Lapidary, Casting and
Wire wrap classes. Wednesday evenings we have Lapidary and Fabrication
classes. This is on of the Citrus College programs. Classes meet from
6:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

I teach the fabrication class. If you need any further
you can contact me off list.

Timothy A. Hansen

TAH Handcrafted Jewelry
305 N. Second Ave. PMB #131
Upland, CA 91786-6028
phone: (909) 920-3909
e-mail: @Timothy_A_Hansen

Steven: Wire wrapping or Fabrication?? They are very different.
There are many wonderful workshops through Metal Arts Society of
Southern Calif - MASSC - membership chair in Oct of 2000 (last
newsletter I could readily lay my hands on) is Rose Marie Diem -
626-359-4245 - if she’s not currently in charge of membership she can
tell you who is. Of course Revere Academy in San Francisco is
wonderful but not in Riverside. The Revere Academy info in on the
web. Most colleges and jr. colleges have classes in metal arts -
jewelry, etc - probably some in your area -check them out. Used to
live in San Bernardino but now from sunny San Diego. Sherry