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Jewelry making books other similar manuals

I have a copy of The Complete Metalsmith by Tim McCreight copyright
1982. I thas been a great guide and I still use it. I received it
I am interested in other similar manuals that might be reflective of
tools, materials, and processes that have come along since this book
was written. Any suggestions would be appreciated… Rob

Jewellery making hasn’t progressed much - it’s the same basic
processes still in use for the past few hundred years with the
addition of CAD/CAM design and manufacture, hydraulic press and die
formation, and fold forming as techniques not covered in McCreight’s
book, Charles Lewton Brain has some good publications though on Foldforming, and I believe any seller ( has books on die
forming metals using a hydraulic press- if that even interests you (i
personally don’t use a press except for large holloware containers or
runs of many pieces in which a delrin die holds up the best, used
with a bottle jack instead of a costly and room taking “Bonnie Doon”
type/brand studio press- but those are rare pieces and for me not
worth the cost of the equipment to own- as leasing is available and
the call for it so sporadic I can rent someone’s equip.

when and if necessary). Look on line at the videos available on you
tube in areas of design or fabrication that interest you and if you
see something you want to explore then research the books available
on the topic areas. rather than buying a bunch of books with the same
repeated over and over as is highly likely given the
available titles on jewelry making out there. Google has free
digital books too- most are out-of-print or public domain titles but
are still relevant to jewelry making in the small studio and if
educating yourself. I believe you can always glean something from
most any book on the subjects involved, but I collect books…! Oppi
Untracht’s “Jewelry: Concepts And Technology” is a bit pricey but is a
great reference book combining the in a number of
reference books into one concise volume. You should check to see if
your local library can get it on loan for you if it isn’t stocked so
you can review it before spending that kind of money on a book you
may have equivalent in a number of other author’s titles
before buying a copy for your library. I find it more useful than
Alan Revere’s newly published (in the last couple of years)
“encyclopedia”…dollar for dollar I would spend the bucks on Oppi
Untracht’s book before Rever’s- one is 115 (Untracht) Revere’s 90
+…If money is no object to you then both offer good

So many books on jewellery making simply reorganize and
use different photos to illustrate the concepts or procedures-
particularly books by the same author…(no names mentioned!!!) so do
check out the contents and buy the topics that interest you instead
of randomly buying titles if you want to have a concise set of books
that actually cover all the steps in a process (as some out there
leave out implied steps or simply fail to be complete as they are
published- Carles Codina’s books are a good example of omissions and
implied processes, nonetheless I bought them for specific information
no other books contained- as well as for my library despite their
lack of complete processes).Also has most of what is
available from large jewelry supply vendors at lesser costs- so do
your homework before buying at cover prices from a vendor’s.
catalogue intended for metalsmith’s that sell tools, supplies and