Jewelry jobs available

Cudos to this wonderful forum, and all that use it. This is Vic the
jewelry recruiter, and I have accumulated some really nice bench job
opportunities that I wanted to share with everyone in case someone
is frustrated and/or looking for a new opportunity,or might know
someone that would appreciate hearing about some nice bench job
opportunities. Currently we have design/custom manufacturing
positions in MD, NC, SC the FL panhandle, and TN.

Additionally we have positions for experienced repair and setting
jewelers in NC, AL, AR, ID, and CA. All these positions are with
higher-end established independent retail jewelry companies offering
a good compensation and benefits package and pleasant working
conditions. Please understand we work in the strictest of confidence,
and all our fees are employer paid. I would appreciate any help or
referrals, and would be happy to correspond or speak with anyone
perhaps interested in learning more.

Thanks to All,


Vic Davis & Associates, Inc.
Springfield, MO
866-650-6400 (toll-free)
417-887-5277 (fax)