Jewelry Job Sites

I’m currently working on getting my GG and just completed a jewlery
technician course which included repair and stone setting.
Subsequently, I am looking for a job and would like to know if anyone
could recommend any Jewelry Job Sites to help with my search.
Any would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Martha

I’ve played with many job site listings over the past 5 years with
little luck. Very few jewelry related jobs on the general sites, the
dedicated jewelry sites are few and far between, and I have found
often out of date. I got 2 jobs through a jewelry employment agency,
and neither lasted long. Let us just say that the courtship was
grand, the honeymoon short, and the reality lousy. I am now self
employed, but work in an established retail store. I came by this
situation the old fashioned way, looking through newspaper want ads
in areas I was interested in living. Part determination, large part
luck. Also being prepared to move quickly when you find a lead, in
terms of having a resume ready to mail, fax, or whatever, and being
able to get to an interview quickly.

Most regional newpapers these days have web sites which will have a
classified section. That is how I ended up here. The search
engines on most of the general sites (Like are quick
enough that it is worth checking them out from time to time. Web
sites and hard copies of trade magazines are good sources, too. I
suppose a lot will depend on your willingness to relocate, unless you
are already in an area with lots of jewelers. Good luck.

Hi Martha, I have just been searching for a jewelry job, too, and
have a few sites to recommend: help wanted ads posted on the GIA site MJSA job listings
http://www.national- National
Jeweler classifieds

not much here, but you can post your resume Other than that, the
local newspaper,, and are also good to


Martha, If you haven’t yet, check out GIA’s web pages. Under Carreer
Services, thay have ajob board that is about the best I have found so
far. Good Luck! Jim