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Jewelry insurance

Does anyone have any suggestions for a company with decent rates for
insurance? I have a small retail jewelry store and need property and
jewelers insurance. My rates currently have gotten sky high.

Karina Mattei

Mike Bergstein (father of jewelry designer Julie Bergstein/Just
Jules) created a policy for designers like his daughter – on the
small side, worki ng from home or small studio (without a 900 lb.
safe) and traveling to and from show s. His policy is the best we’ve
seen - call him to see what he can do for you. Mike Bergstein,
Insurance Resource, 201-678-0700. Good luck, Cindy

I always recommend Jewelers Mutual in Neenah WI because they are the
only insurance company in the country that only writes jewelry
policies. Accordingly they generally know more about the industry’s
needs than anyone else. Plus they are a mutual company (meaning as a
policyholder you own a piece of them) and occasionally give kickbacks
on your rates.

Daniel R. Spirer, GG Spirer Somes Jewelers 1794 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02140 617-491-6000 @spirersomes