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Jewelry Industry Pollution - Heavy Metals

Ron: An interesting post. You specify heavy metal contamination.
Where in the manufacturing process does this heavy metal occur.
Could it be cadmium in the solder, which none of us should be using?
Or is it something else I should be aware of? Anyone?


For those that may wish to read the article in the LA Times. If the
link is reformatted, a jewelry searh can be done in the upper lefthand
part of the page at

Here in the Bay Area there has been a widespread abuse of the toxic
wastes associated with our industry. Plating and pickling solutions
being the most common. The two main jewelry buildings in downtown
Francisco are infamous for rusted plumbing from the habit of jewelery
manufacturers of disposing of these environmentally disastrous
materials by poring them down the sinks. The city has attempted, with
limited success, to educate the trade in neutralizing the materials
and taking them to the local toxic waste/recycling center. But most
simply ignore the dangers.

Do we voluntarily police our industry? Or do we complain about
government interference?

What will our grandchildren ask us when they inherit a polluted

Kim Eric Lilot