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Jewelry industry books

Hello Everyone, I’m a student/designer and I’m new to orchid. I’m also
new to the jewelry industry. I was wondering if there were any good
books out there about the jewelry industry. I would like to learn
about manufacturing costume jewelry, the costs involved in start-up,
finding buyers, etc. Does such a book exist? If not, where can I
find this Thanks Everyone, A. Derenthal

Without being self-serving, on my website I have 5 books every
jeweler should own: “The Jewelers Library” plus of course my repair
pricing guide. Click on Books tab on the left of the site. Full

David Geller

Hello, We have many books and tapes that may help you out. We also
have several bench jewelers on staff as tech advisors…give us a
call we are always happy to help. 800-527-5057 @Diane_Murphy