Jewelry & Gemstone Publications

All, Lately we have been discussing several issues that concern all
in the gemstone and jewelry trade. I read the editorial pages and
articles of the Lapidary Journal, Colored Stone, Rock & Gem, and JCK
to get a feel for what people who are in the know are thinking about
the trade. My conclusion after many years of reading these
publications is they are not at all in tune with what the person that
makes the building blocks of the trade is thinking or worried about.
You know, the people that are actually cutting the stones,
fabricating the metal, casting, finishing, etc. So I have some
suggestions for editors. How about some investivgative reporting .
One such issue that needs to be investigated is the issue of calling
a stone natural. Go to the gem labs, the mines, buy some stones and
have them tested. On another issue go to the FTC and have them
clarify the casting versus fabrication issue of “Handmade”. How
about it editors, give something back to the trade you make your
living from and help us in the trenches clarify some of these issues.

Gerry Galarneau