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Jewelry (fwd)


Forwarded messageDate: Fri, 15 Nov 1996 14:59:16 -0500
From: Wendy Hartman whartman@SUNFLOWR.USD.EDU
To: Multiple recipients of list VINTAGE VINTAGE@BROWNVM.BROWN.EDU
Subject: jewelry

Hi, I am writting to vintage listserve to ask a few questions. I have
worked with fine jewelry as well as estate jewelry. Even though I have a
little bit of knowledge, I am curious to find out what you look for in a
piece of jewelry. When trying to find a good quality piece of jewelry,
what do you want to pay close attention to in order to make sure you are
getting what you pay for? I know looking for a stamp 14K ect… To pay
attention to color clarity, and cut of the stone in the piece are all
pointers. Can you give me any tips in finding a vintage peice? I am
researching to build a paper on how to make sure you are not getting
taken for. I know some businesses take advantage of the uneducated
buyer. I would like to give people some guidline to make sure it does
not happen to them. I know the hardest part is educating yourself to be
a smart buyer. If you can give me any or thoughts for my
research I would appreciate it. Thank you so much for your time.
Any thoughts, comments, other references(other listserves,
internet sites), or suggestons you think may help me, Please send. I would
love to hear your input.




Truthfully, 'A little knowledge can be dangerous … to your self(and
therefore your pocketbook!)… You already have …'A little
… A stamp is a stamp, is a stamp, etc… and nothing more!
Vintage means expensive… at least to me… which means you intend to spend
some money…So heres 2 cents worth…
- Pay for an independent appraisal by a Gemologist, by an
independent gem appraiser(the actual appraisal has very little
meaning except … how ‘big’ the number is … You could never get
the value if you sold it … (with out a store front) … Yes, the
appraisal will cost … depending on the item, $25…$100.00.

The you should receive relative to the item depends on the item…

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A note to those responding to Wendy Hartman’s info request:

To the best of my knowledge, Wendy is not yet a member of any of the
jewelry lists; so please make sure that your message (or at least one copy
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On 18-Nov-96, Jim Chambers wrote about Re: jewelry (fwd):
JC> Joel,
JC> Your message is appreciated … However, it is not understood… However,
JC> have seen this type of “”"" WARNING"""" several time…


Jim: Wot u bin smokin, eh?