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Jewelry for the public

It is interesting reading about the different opinions on what
quality workmanship and jewelry might be. My question is why no one
has mentioned the work that trade organizations are already doing.
Jewelers of America does provide pamplets and displays used to inform
the public about what is quality jewelry and workmanship. They are
setting new standards for the jewelers to meet. They also have a
certification testing and for Bench Jewelers. You should
check out the level of workmanship that they require. They pickup
from where GIA leaves off. There are also trade periodicals that run
articles each month on workmanship standards for setting,
construction of projects and repairs. Just ask JA what publishers
they provide with I am a member of "Jewelers of America"
so I may be a bit biased, but, why reinvent the wheel. Take the time
to see what is already being done. Thanks for your time.

Joe B.