Jewelry Findings and Trademarking

I am interested in securing the names and addresses of companies
outside the U.S. that sell jewelry findings and jewelry making
tools. Also, anyone in this group work directly with the U.S.
Trademark office to trademark their name or did they hire a lawyer to
do the search, etc.? Thanks for your help. RW


It’s easy to work w/ the trade office - and a lot cheaper, and a lot
better. I did some investigation a few years ago, and it was simple -
the people are real nice.

Get an attorney, and there’s a good chance he will give the job to his
$5.00 and hour office clerk, who will miss a lot of stuff, and you can
end up in a trade mark infringement case - and of course the lawyer is
never at fault, but he will defend you for more money.

They have a url where you can get most of the forms, but I don’t
remember off hand where - but a us gov search will get you there.

good luck!

RW, I am surprised no one mentioned Karl Fisher company in Pforzheim,
Germany they have many of the best tools you can buy and also sell
findings. Goldschmiedebedarf, Werkzeuge, Furnituren, Schmuckteile, Schmucksteine, Perlen - Karl Fischer GmbH


James Binnion Metal Arts
4701 San Leandro St #18
Oakland, CA 94601