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Jewelry education Video

Pat and Ron,

Regarding the video idea: I can edit here on my Adobe Premiere

system, and my fiancee has access to a Canon GL-1 DV cam, so I can
produce broadcast quality video, and have done in the past. But,
alas, I was sort of skimming that whole thread, so you might have to
run it by me again. If a someone put together a script that had all
the good info, I could certainly shoot and edit it!


Hello; I am a lurker and limited metals person who one day hopes to
expand. On occasion I do make a comment or two. In the process of
cleaning out the basement to make a simple workshop.

Anyhow, video and film production is my business. I would be glad
to assist or take over a whole project education people on the metal

I’ve been doing it since `982, it’s all I’ve done since 1989.
Before 1982 I was doing a lot of photography.

If you have any questions or concerns, give me a call - off list if
you want. I’ll tell you what’s involved. To do quality video, more
is involved than just shooting and editing.

Eric V. Schmidt