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Jewelry Education in Seattle?

Hello. I have been researching jewelry schools on the west coast
where I can learn all the basics of making/repair/design/etc. (I am
relatively new to it all but really want to dive in!). I have found
several good schools that I am interested in various cities-- but I
am yet to locate any in Seattle.

Does anyone on this list have any suggestions about jewelry/gemology
schools in the Seattle area? I will be visiting there soon and would
like to check out any schools that I could.

Thanks so much for your comments-


Check out Pratt Fine Arts Center. I haven’t taken any classes there
(yet!) but they seem to have a great variety. You can find them online

Hope this helps.

Allison Vezeau

hi: nortwest gemological institute is the only one to do any stone
oreintation…green river community college also has a good jewelry
program…i am also willing to tutor…i have 28 yrs experiance and
do it all including lapidary lost wax fabrication and repair feel
free to write me any time…ringman aka john henry

Melanie hello!

There is a new school beginning classes in January in Olympia, WA.
The school name is Guild Hall Northwest school of Metal Arts. The
director is John Machlan. John was formerly program coordinator for
the vocational jewelry program at Highline Community College. The
administration cut the program in 1999. Over 25 years of effort by
Hellyn Pawula and many others; what a shame!

Expect a quality facility and instruction geared toward competent
craftsmanship (not an endless pursuit of a hobby. I said that, John
did not!), and instruction aligned for completion of the JA
competency tests. Good luck!

John Machlan E-mail…



There is Pratt Fine Arts Center in Seattle - it’s run by Seattle
Parks and Rec. department. Coupeville Arts Center on Whidbey Island
offers jewelry making (metalworking) and silversmithing workshops.
Bellevue Community College has non-credit jewelrymaking/metalsmithing
workshops; maybe other CCs do also.

The Bead Man in Issaquah has some basic metalsmithing and soldering
workshops, mainly for crafters.

Web sites: - their winter schedule is due any
day. - Warning, their web site doesn’t
have the metalsmithing classes, but you can request a catalog that
does have them. The catalog is new out this week.

BCC’s web site is - you can probably find a link to
the state system from which to get to a community college near where
you want to live.

The Bead Man is

I was told if I wanted to do serious metalsmithing, Pratt was the
place to go.

I’m just getting into this, so if anyone can suggest others I would
also be interested!


Dear Melanie,

I can’t speak about the quality of their programs, but a search of
AJM Magazine’s education resource guide turned up the following
schools in Seattle. One caveat: as far as I know, the guide hasn’t
been updated for a while, so you’ll probably want to contact the
schools and see what the status of their program is, as well as
asking for a course catalog, etc.

98103-3599 Phone: 206-526-0062. Fax: 527-3784. Contact: Lynne Hull.
Programs: Associate’s degree, continuing education, workshops.
Subjects: Casting; enameling; horology; jewelry design, making,
repair, and technology; lapidary; metalworking; mold making; patina
work; stone setting; tool making; and wax carving, modeling, and

UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON School of Art Box 353440 Seattle, WA 98195-3440
Phone: 206-685-1714 for graduate programs, 543-0646 for undergraduate
programs. Fax: 685-1657. E-mail: (for
undergraduate); (for graduate). Contact: Mary Hu
or Pat Dougherty for graduate programs; Judi Clark for undergraduate
programs. Programs: BFA and MFA degrees in metals and jewelry.
Subjects: Blacksmithing, casting, enameling, jewelry making and
design, lapidary, metalworking, silversmithing, stone setting, tool
making, and wax carving, modeling, and working.

Hope that helps!


PS For more schools, check out AJM’s web site at and click on Resources.

Suzanne Wade
Phone: (508) 339-7366
Fax: (520) 563-8255