Jewelry drawing books

Hello Debi and Guy, thank you for your interest about the helpful
books for jewellery drawing. Many of the Orchid members will have
heard of the following and probably have many more that they could add
to the list. Here are some that I use regularly to augment my own
techniques: (You may have the first one already.)

“The Techniques of Jewelry Illustration and Colour Rendering” by
Adolfo Mattiello. ISBN 0-9644193-0-0

The following three are a series by the same three authors: Maurice
P. Galli, Dominique Riviere, and Fanfan Li. “The Art of Jewellery
Design, Principles of Design, Rings and Earrings” ISBN 0-88740-562-2
"Designing Jewellery, Brooches, Bracelets, Necklaces and
Accessories." ISBN 0-88740-631-9 “Creative Variations in Jewellery
Design.” ISBN 0-7643-0330-9 These three are all published by
Schiffer Publishing who will send you a free catalogue if you write
to: 77 Lower Valley Road, Atglen, PA 19310 (they ask you to include
$2.95 postage)

“Rendering with Pen and Ink” by Robert W. Gill. Published by Thames
and Hudson.

“Presentation Techniques” by Dick Powell. ISBN 0-85613-600-X

Then there are the graphic design journals such as “Design World” as
well as jewellery specific magazines such as GZ and Craft Arts
International. There is also the art book series published by Paper
Tiger. They publish the works of specific artists and illustrators
such as Patrick Woodroffe. Woodroffe’s work is jewel-like in both its
precision and imagination. Don’t underestimate the work of good
graphic designers and illustrators as a valuable source of
inspiration. “Step by Step Illustration” is an excellent American
publication with lots of good stuff for jewellers as well as graphic
designers. When it comes to gaining new insights into design
presentation and rendering, graphic design and illustration resources
are invaluable.

Kind regards,
Rex from Oz