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Jewelry designs in vacation brochures!

Now that we are back from our vacation into the hinterlands of the
Caribbean islands, via cruise ship. I must pass unto all what I came
up with. Mega brochures on up to-date jewellery designs. What were
these to be used for? glad you asked.

At my last Gem Setting course I showed all of my students these
multitude of patterns. We must have spent about 3 hours going through
all of them. Not only seeing what new trends are being shown in the
real world, but explaining how certain objects-of-art are finally
constructed. These brochures will now be my permanent display for any
new class. Many of these students can now see and understand how
their new diamond setting skills can be used in making their own
patterns. Instead of groping in the dark, I opened up their eyes to
these new brochure creations…

Gerry !