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Jewelry designer manager software thoughts?

Has anyone used one of the previous advertisers software? Thoughts,
alternatives, options? I know QuickBooks is popular but I’m not sure
that it allows for quantities such as silver price per ounce or
number of beads.

Here is the company link:



Your least expensive option is GnuCash. There are versions which run
on Windows. GnuCash is customizeable so you can use it as a financial
sales register software for your trade or any other purpose. I have
not used it myself but I have heard some very good things about it.

Andrew Jonathan Fine


I have just recently purchased the Deluxe version of this software
and I am really pleased with it. I have been able to set up metals
so they are priced by the ounce and sold by the inch or square inch.
That way, they are incorporated into the piece that is being made in
an easily measureable format (inches) but I can go in and update my
pricing by the oz. (takesabout 5 minutes to update 40 different
milled products). The update will apply to pricing of all pieces
(new and existing) and a report will provide you with the new prices
instantly. Really saves time over working with spreadsheets and
incorporating formulas.

Within about one hour I was able to add 25 new inventory items and
print out product part labels (without having ever looked at the
program before). I had a problem with the label I chose wrapping onto
the next line and causing my labels to print wrong. I called Barbara
at Bejeweled and within about one hour she e-mailed me an update to
the program which had fixed my problem. Now if that isn’t service I
don’t know what is.

Feel free to contact me offline if you have any further questions.

Tracy Arrington
Contemporary. Timeless. Artisan Jewelry

Anyone Use it and export to QuickBooks?

I’m going to help a small craft studio fix the mess they have in
Jewelry Design Manager. I haven’t used it before but have looked it
over on their website. Also will be connecting JDM to QuickBooks for
export. How easy does it work? Goes directly into JDM or do you save
the export to desktop them import that file?

I’m told it figures costs of parts and markup but labor IS ONLY
figured at retail per hour, not the cost (workers wage). is that
true? Can labor COST be entered?

When it exports from JDM to QuickBooks does it:

  1. Lower inventory by the total cost of the item sold, including the
  2. Sends the item cost to cost of goods sold?
  3. Track sales tax?
  4. Keep track of customer deposits?

Thanks for any pointers you can give.

David Geller