Jewelry Design Software

Before I would spend any money on jewelry design software,
especially on JewelCad, Matrix, JewelSpace (which incidently is
having a price increase from 2K to 3.5K next year) I would wait to
see what Rhino is developing in V3.0 and the plugins that are being
developed. To pay that much money for simple design software is…
P. T. Barnum was right…“There is one born every minute”. Edwin S.
Katz, G.G., Jewels and Tools, The Jewelry Doctor, 15434 Rio Plaza,
Houston TX 77083

One of my mentors taught me that there are basically three kinds of

Those who make things happen
Those who watch things happen
Those who wonder WHAT happened

I’m really curious why you imply that those who might be purchasers
and users of JewelCad, JewelSpace, or Matrix are one of Barnum’s
"" I have used 2 of the above three and am a long time user of
Rhino, including Version 3 They have all increased my efficiency and
income, but you cannot compare Rhino directly with it’s much more
expensive plug-in, Matrix There is a reason that many Rhino users have
purchased Matrix, and think you’d have a real hard time finding one
of those purchasers who felt that he or she was a “” Any
experienced business person understands that time is money What ta
kes three hours in Rhino can often be accomplished in a few minutes
in Matrix

Matrix has more than doubled my income in the past year What a sucker
I am Next year at this time I sincerely hope you are not sitting on
the dime waiting for a new version of something while your
competitors move ahead, leaving you to wonder what happened