Jewelry Design school

I live in Europe and I am looking for a school which prepares people
for a career as a Jewelry Designer.

Are there any good schools you recommend I contact?

I am currently living in Switzerland and there seems to be one very
good school, with a 50 year waiting list.

I would be very appreciative of any ideas you might have.
Preferably, a school in Europe is ideal but all will be considered.

Thanks in advance,

p.s., I am a computer programmer, this is a request for my girlfriend.

Vincent - here’s a suggestion in the UK - John Cass College of Art &
Design - now part of London Guildhall University ( is 1
of the oldest established jewellery schools and has a whole slew of
full and part time courses. I attended for 2 years as a mature
student and have nothing but praise for the tutors - all of whom
were, or are, professional jewellers. The emphasis is on the
practical skills of making jewellery, but I tend to believe that a
good designer needs to know how to fabricate (hope that’s not
contraversial - :wink:

Deborah Miller

Excellent school at Crafts council of Ireland Kilkenny, takes on 12
every two years. Must be a European national to apply, and they pay
you, 2 year intensive program. Do a web search for “crafts council of
Ireland”, I don’t remember the site address.

Ed Dawson
Maine Master Models