Jewelry Consignment Laws

Hi Everybody Here is my story. I consigned three trays of my silver
rings to a store, who is also a wholesaler as is his parents who I
have known for many years.

One night thieves broke into his retail location and all they took
were two of his large Brazilian vugs and of course 2 of my ring
trays (48 rings). He phoned to tell me what had happened but also
stated that his insurance only covered items bought by him, not
consignments. Being new to consignment I did not have a signed
agreement with him, just an invoice listing items at my retail
prices and what his percentage was.

Meanwhile I checked with my homeowners policy (I was classified as a
Hobby Business) and found it would only compensate me for actual
material costs (i.e. silver and ring trays) which of course did not
amount to much.

In the end, because I was friends with his parents and also a
wholesale customer he had me write the jewellery up as though I had
sold it to him. He then paid me a wholesale price which was less
than what I would have made for consignment, but at least I did not

When I latter asked him why his insurance was that way, he told me
it cost too much to have the better coverage.

Up to now I have had a rider on my homeowners policy that covers
small home business. Now I am researching business insurance to
cover my business as it has grown somewhat :wink: and the various shows
I sell at now require liability insurance in order to sell with
them. I also teach silver jewellery making classes and wish to cover
myself in the case of injury. (I am sure any of you who teach can
remember the student with the18" flame on the torch who then flips
around to ask a question and almost fries another student?)

My story :wink:
Karen Seidel-Bahr
May your gems always “Sparkle”

I am putting my jewelry in a store and I obtained insurance through
Jewelers Mutual. I’m not that large of a business but they wrote me
a policy and it covers jewelry off premises. Go to their website and
leave them email and they will get you in touch with someone in your

Susie Morgan
Elegant Metal Creations