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Jewelry cleaning

I am looking for a new Ultrasonic cleaner- mine works, but recently my ionic adapter died, and I came face to face with exactly how lame my ultrasonic is without that prop.
Fortunately, though it is little known and even harder to find, Speedbrite does still make the 300SB Ionic adapter, a little unit which hooks to/ works with your ultrasonic, and makes tarnish and residues disappear like magic in 30 seconds. $110 - trust me, that was a no brainer.
But I am looking for reviews on Ultrasonics… and coming up blank. Is that just that I am looking in the wrong place?

I have a small Bransonic unit that has been going strong for about 40 years. I don’t know if they are made anymore. Generally, the more you pay for the unit the better, more features, more power, etc.