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Jewelry Classes


I’m having trouble setting reasonable prices for the classes
that I offer and would like some input from people in the
business. I’ve been making jewelry and selling it both wholesale
and at craft shows for the last 20 some years. I have been
holding classes for about 3 years now and almost every one of my
more than 30 students per year has commented after finishing my
class, that I could charge much more than I do for the class. I
have 8 work benches complete with tools, three soldering
stations, two double buffing stations, a rolling mill, several
anvils and texturing areas, several full sets of wax tools, a wax
injector, a vulcanizer, both centrifugal and vacuum casters, and
a full diamond lapidary set up. All of this is in a 250 yr old
gristmill occupying approx. 1200 sq. ft. and is zoned commercial,
so the use is allowed. MY QUESTION IS what should I be charging
for classes. In the past I’ve offered a four evening 3 hours per
evening beginners class for $75 including materials. The student
leaves with a completed project each evening. All work is done
in sterling and the students learn how to saw, file, solder,
bezel set a stone, polish, and texture, all within the 4 weeks. I
also offer a second class for those who want to continue on to
advanced techniques including working in wax and casting, again
at $75 for four classes. The problem is that for me to do this
full time, the prices have to be more realistic, perhaps in the
$150 to $200 range. I’m also considering offering a 2 day 12 hour
weekend class for those who are outside the area. They could
stay at local B+B’s or motels and also enjoy what the Bucks
County Pa. area is famous for, antiqueing and flea marketing.
The class income will not be my only income as I will continue to
wholesale both jewelry and stones made in the shop. Please give
me any suggestions on pricing the classes. I don’t want to
discourage students with a high price but I do need to make a
living. There is a class offered by the local Community College
that is 16 weeks and costs $250+ materials and tools, but doesn’t
give the level of personal attention that we do. IF YOU REPLY TO
enough, or you can email me directly at @Fred_Krauter1

Thanks in advance for any help, and I’m sorry for the length of
this message


fred- $200 for the classes you are offering (4 days at 3 hrs each
day ) is NOT unreasonable at all- anne

Hi Fred,

At the Mendocino Art Center, Mendocino Ca., we charge $85.00
(members) and $105.00 (non-members)for weekend workshops. That
includes 12 hours of instruction and the ability to use the
studio in the evening. For our week-long workshops we charge
$200.00 (members) and $230.00 (non-members). That includes 30
hours of instruction, open studio in the evenings, and various
art related and social events. To find out more about the kind
of classes we offer, visit our website at,

Susan Wood-Onstad
Jewelry/Metal Arts Co-Coordinator
Mendocino Art Center

I took a beginning silversmithing course a community technical
school. It was one night a week for 12 weeks and cost $70. The
class was very unstructured, did not include materials and
basically covered what you mentioned in your 4 session course.
There were no assigned projects so each student had to figure
out what to do themselves with some help with discussions with
the instructor.

I would much rather have had your course.

You might want to look at the courses at the William Holland
School of Lapidary. Visit to see

chunk Kiesling

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I'm having trouble setting reasonable prices for the classes
that I offer <<snip>>

As a sometimes student, of ‘mature years’, the Memphis College
of Art has continuing education classes lasting for nine(?)
sessions, three or four hours each. They have much, but not all,
of the equipment you offer, and none of the ‘ambiance’! They
charge $165 for the class. There are eight or nine students in a
class. Memphis is probably in a less expensive 'neighborhood’
than you are in.

Hope this give an idea of what some other laces may charge!

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I can tell you what we do here in Arizona… Our two day hands
on workshops cost between $100 to $125 per person… Sat and
Sunday 10-5… That doesn’t include materials or tools. We bring
in out of state artists and write for grants to subsidize the
costs - and in the past two years have come out alittle ahead -
but not enough to do it without the grants… YOu have your own
space, provide the materials and tools and talents- you are not
charging enough! It costs me anywhere from 100 To 200 just for
space - plus food and lodging, and transportation and
advertising… We run workshops here in Phoenix and in Tuscon for
multimedia - woods, metals, glass, fiber as our organization-
Arizona Designer Craftsmen - is multimedia… If you have that
wonderful of a space - you might be able to strike up a guild,
and get funding from SNAG or other Arts Organizations too. I
agree with your students… you aren’t chargin enough…Especially
with only 8 stations, now if you had 20 stations, and could
spread the costs… You still wouldn’t be charging enough:>)
YOur time and talent are worth money.

My 2cents



Yup, pricing IS a problem. I allow some folks into the
foundry/studio areas for $10.00 per person per hour, plus any
materials and/or supplies used. Any time I have to spend with a
student(s) is charged at $35.00 per hour. My shop time for
custom work is $50.00 per hour

Any cast bronze is charged at $10.00 to $15.00 per cleaned pound
depending on the size and complexity of the piece. This price
covers shelling, dewaxing, burnout, shell repair and inspection,
shell preheating, melting the bronze, pouring it, knock-out and
rough removal of the sprues and vents. So far it has been
working out pretty well and the clients are pretty happy with the

Cynthia used to charge $12.00 to $20.00 per studio hour plus
materials. We currently do not have the jewelry studio set up
but hope to next year.

Good luck with this issue. I hope to see other responses to
your question as “what to charge” for almost anything is
difficult to come up with.

John and Cynthia/MidLife Crisis Enterprises
Maiden Metals/C. T. Designs/ Bloomin’ Wax Works. etc. No one is
guaranteed happiness. Life just

PO BX 44, Philo, Ca 95466
gives each person time and space. It is
Ph 707-895-2635 FAX 707-895-9332 up to us to
fill it with joy.

First, wish I was in your area! I love to take classes, have
done so in many places west of the Miss - have also taught
various classes for adults, and it is very unusual to provide
supplies for projects. I would suggest that instead of
increasing the cost of your classes, break it up to 3 sets - beg,
intermediate and advanced (which is an encouragement to
continue) so you’d have 3 eves per set; and absolutely have
students pay for or provide their own materials - aren’t most
people more thrifty with anything that they are paying for? They
can buy supplies from you or bring their own.

You say the students realize after the class they would’ve paid
more - so you could also make it $50. or $75. for 1st intro (beg
3 night) classes (plus materials should be charged for
separately for all classes); $75 or $100 for 2nd, and maybe 4
nights for 2nd and 3rd; $100 to $125 for 4 night advanced class.
That way people can try it, not be put off by cost, which is
usually a consideration for me and most folks I know! The CC
has some things going for it that you don’t - they are an
accredited institution with built in advertising for one. The
week-end workshop sounds great too- you might consider having
just a one day workshop on Saturday once a month, an "intensive"
on different aspects - that would make it easier for people to
come for just a weekend, and affordable for locals as well. Good
Luck, hope this is of some help, Kat @Kathleen

The Inianapolis Art Center charges $273 for one three hour
class for fifteen weeks with one free open studio a week.The
administration tells us that this does not cover costs.

Marilyn Smith

 MY QUESTION IS what should I be charging for classes.  In the
past I've offered a four evening 3 hours per evening beginners
class for $75 including materials.  The student leaves with a
completed project each evening.  All work is done in sterling
and the students learn how to saw, file, solder, bezel set a
stone, polish, and texture, all within the 4 weeks.

The classes I took cost $75.00 for a 10 week (three hours, once
a week) course, additional $15.00 materials charge, and then
there was a yearly membership charged ($25.00 per year)

Any sterling, stones, or unusual findings were ordered by the
student (or students as a group to get price breaks . . .)

Fred, I dont know about jewelry classes ( as I was taught by my
father), but I took a hand engraving class one time that was for
two- eight hour days and it cost me 600.00 which I thought was
reasonable. Also, the extention classes I took from G.I.A. cost
about the same. If these students are getting one on one
training, and are planning to use it in a business, $200.00,
$300.00, or even $400.00 is not unreasonable. Ken

hi fred, i’ve been a jeweler for about 20 years. every so often i
like to take a class to get a different angle on something i
alreaddy know how to do or something i’ve never done. i average
about two classes a year that are usually 3 days in duration. the
classes vary from 21 to 24 hours. the site has any big stuff too
big to get on an airplane. the workshops cost about 395.00 for
the 3 day classes, not including your handtools or some materials
(platinum, gold, miscellenious stuff).there are shorter and
longer work shops, but they seem to be approximately the same if
based on an houly basis

some of these instructors are some of the best in the world at
what they do. i didn’t mind paying the money. however, there are
instructors( a miniscule minority)that teach there i wouldn’t
patronize for that kind of money ( plus airfare, hotel). but
overall i am very satisfied. i have attended only one place for
workshops besides getting my gg at gia.

best regards,
geo fox