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Jewelry classes in New Hampshire

I will be moving to beautiful New Hampshire later this summer. I’ve
searched around the Internet to see if I could locate classes or
groups offering jewelry fabrication. I’m also interested in
faceting. I would really appreciate any references.

Judy, look for the local Rock club. They usually have classes and if
they don’t someone will know where to take them. Good luck. Sheri

To the person moving to NH: I lost your email on Orchid before I
could reply to you. I live in NH and do have some recommendations
and Contact me separately and I’ll give you a rundown.
Ruth Mary

Check out The Craft Center via the League of NH Craftsmen Hampshire
Institute of Art also offers a few metals classes


Depends on whre you are in New Hampshire. The League of New
Hampshire Craftsmen has classes in most of their stores. Do a seach
for the area where you plan to move.

Derek Levin

Judy, One of our Orchid members, Joy Raskin, teaches in New
Hampshire and is an excellent multi-resource person. The League of NH
Craftsmen holds various types of workshops and there are classes in
some of their shop locations. Keep my email address and when you have
moved, contact me and I’ll give you further details. NH is one of the
oldest and most active handcraft states. If you can, be sure to
attend the week long League’s August Fair in Sunapee, NH. There you
will meet and see artists and their work and get a sense of what’s
available. There are schools, of course, that offer courses and
degrees. Ruth Mary

Pauline Warg has classes in Saco Maine, not too far, depending on
where you are going to be in New Hampshire. Also, Metalwerx in
Waltham, MA. has lots of classes. Again, depending on where you are
in NH, may not be a bad drive. Both locations are excellent!

For Faceting classes (more like private lessons), Santerre’s Stones
’n’ Stuff in Exeter, NH, should fit the bill.