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Jewelry Classes in Boca Raton, FL, USA

All, Just want to let people who may have access to the Palm Beach/Ft
Lauderdale area of Florida that the new season at the Boca Raton
Museum of Art - The Art School, will begin in September. Brochures
will be out soon and further can be obtained by calling

Susan Lewis will be teaching PMC and all levels of metal
fabrication, Hanna Baer will teach all levels of enameling and Don
Dietz will teach cabochon gem cutting and basic metal fabrication
(the last is a new addition). We will also have 20 workshops in the
coming year to include; gem cutting, intro to PMC, enameling, metal
fabrication, making jewelry with black coral, lampworking and

Beyong jewelry, the school offers a full curriculum in painting,
sculpturing, pottery making and more.

Take advantage of this growing art center…learn a new skill or
sharpen an old one.

Cheers from Don at The Charles Belle Studio in SOFL where simple
elegance IS fine jewelry! @coralnut1