Jewelry buying in New York city

I’m flying to NYC next week in search of wholesalers of silver and
semi-precious gemstone jewelry; can anyone provide leads in terms of
areas to look?

I’ve been told by others to check out the area around Broadway from
27th to 32nd; any other areas to recommend? Is there any kind of
"merchandise mart" in NYC like they have in Atlanta, GA?


Doug, I don’t think that you will find much walking up and down
Broadway. There may well be showrooms for reps and/or wholesalers in
some of the building that you will pass by but you won’t know that
they are there. I suggest that before you leave home you do some
research. You might look in a directory such as the one published
annually by National Jeweler. It is called the “National Jeweler
Industry Yellow Pages”.

Joel Schwalb

Doug: You must visit W. 47th & W. 48th Streets. W. 47th from 6th
Avenue East to 5th Avenue is known as the Diamond District and has,
in addition to diamonds, metals, stones, supplies of all kinds.
Myron Toback at mid-block (look for his awning) is a well-known
supplier. Ross Metals is across the street and they buy and sell
metals. Metalliferous on W. 46th is a must-see. Do try to stay out
of street-level stores as they’re usually the most expensive and
sometimes not as ethical.

Happy Shopping
Nina Leto
LENINA Hand-Crafted Jewelry

Doug, Well, if you stuck purely in the area you’re mentioning, you’d
be missing pretty much all of Jeweler’s Row, which is on 45 - 48th
Sts between Broadway and 5th.

There are many high-rise buildings throughout the district and the
wholesalers are located on all the floors, so you can’t really just
wander around and stumble onto one all that easily.

Depending on what you’re looking for, a stop at Metalliferous (34
West 46th st) would be in order, as they have significant
quantity-purchase discounts on ready-made silver jewelry, chains,
earrings, necklaces, neckwires, rings, etc. They do NOT have pieces
set with stones, though they have been very willing to help recommend
suppliers in their area for specific things I’ve looked for.

When exiting Metalliferous, if you head to your left a few stores,
you’ll find Kenneth Singh and 46th St. Jewelry Supply (a fellow
Orchidian), with tools and displays. Great place to visit!

Exiting Metalliferous, if you head to your right a few stores,
you’ll find an excellent oriental jewelry supplier whose name I can’t
recall. However, they are wholesale to the trade with set pieces
featuring coral and other semiprecious materials – really nice
things. They also have unset coral and such.

Dikra Gem at 46 West 45th St, 10th floor, is a wholesaler of
semiprecious stones and has excellent materials at great prices, with
friendly service (great combination!). If you’re looking only for
ready-made, they don’t have any, though.

I’m pretty sure that any of the above-mentioned merchants will
happily point you to others they know who are reputable and would
have more in line with what you’re looking for.

Happy hunting!
Karen Goeller
Handcrafted and Unique Artisan Jewelry

Doug-The large jewelry district is centered on 47th Street between
5th Avenue and Avenue of the Americas (6th Avenue) and extends on
either side to 46th street and to 48th Streets. The buildings there
are full of wholesale places–and perhaps someone else on the forum
can suggest specific ones. Much of the jewelry there is gold and
diamonds and it is a fascinating area to look in.

Hope you enjoy your trip. Sandra