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Jewelry Boxes for Sale

Hi everyone - I hope you all are doing well!
I have a ton of these gorgeous jewelry boxes which I ordered from Westpack. I can no longer use them and really need the space they’re taking up so I will either sell them or dump them.

It would be a shame to dump them…but the thing is, my logo is hot stamped on the inside pad on the lid. It is easy to remove the pads using a thin ruler or blade. And then the boxes could be used as is, or you could insert cotton or foam, or recover the pad.
It’s more work, for sure…but would still be a good deal on beautiful packaging. I paid about $1300.00 plus shipping. I would love to sell the whole lot for $650 plus shipping. (Shipping from New Jersey to anywhere in the U.S.) I am willing to break it up though. I originally ordered 24 of the largest necklace box and 48 of everything else. I did use a couple of boxes…if anyone needs to know exact numbers I will count them.

Please let me know if you have any interest. If not, I’ll be trying them on Ebay. After that they’ll get dumped. Thanks for your consideration.

You might want to try listing on Etsy and Instagram too! I’m interested in a few, how would you break them up?

What are you interested in?
And…is there a way to take this discussion off line to not bog the forum down?

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Thank you, Betty2 - - I didn’t know about that.
That is definitely safer.
Is it possible to edit DCadefdesigns’ post to take it out for her? Or only she can do that?

There is a short time limit (something like maybe 30 minutes) to edit a post by the person who posted it.

Oh, ok.
Thanks for clarifying.

Thank you for the info Betty! I’ve deleted the post.

FYI - These are still available!