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Jewelry book publishing!

Hello all Orchidians!

I would like to share the opportunity to get your work published in
a jewelry book being written by Dona Z. Meilach and published by
Schiffer books. Dona (pronounced Donna) has written and published
many books such as The Contemporary Blacksmith, Architectural Ironwork and many more that can be seen on Amazon.

The book is tentatively titled: JEWELRY NOW! This is how she
describes the book: "This will be a high quality art book that will
appeal to artists, craftspeople, designers, educators, gallery
directors, jewelers, consumers and everyone interested in this
ancient, yet always new, expressive art form.

She’s looking for examples of jewelry made by craftspeople created
in gold, silver, aluminum, clay, wood, glass, beads, or any other
materials. Techniques can be varied. She’s hoping to compile works
from today’s artist, well known and up and coming. She’s also
looking for antique, or historical, and ethnic examples that might
be inspiration for today’s forms. Also drawings by artists showing
how an idea evolved. Any type of jewelry: brooches, rings,
earrings, cufflinks, bracelets, etc.

Photos can be black and white and/or color, prints, slides or high
resolution printouts. She will gladly look at digital images
emailed to her but the publisher cannot use them. They will take
printed images of the digital shots, though.

DEADLINE — April 1, 2002

Please do not contact me about the submission. Please contact the
author for the photo release form or any questions at:

2018 Saliente Way
Carlsbad, CA  92009  USA
760.436.4395 phone
760.436.1402 fax

Good Luck! Reba.

Dear folks,

Regarding Jewelry Book Publishing, I have had experience with
Schiffer Publishing as an author. If anyone wants to contact me off
the Orchid site, I would be happy to provide some advice and
caveats. For the Orchid members, be advised that Schiffer books are
generally priced at $80 and up, extremely expensive for what you
get. I would describe them not as art books but rather more as

Ettagale Blauer