[Jewelry Attractions] West coast USA

Hello orchidians, I’ll be in the USA touring by car from Los Angeles
to Oregan in September and the 1st week in October, from the UK.

I plan to look around the jewellery quarter in LA. Has anyone any
suggestions for allied journies such as trade fairs, galleries, tool
suppliers or places of interest. I’d love to pick up some wax
patterns if there are any suppliers. Many thanks, Derick

Derick, You might want to check out Bourget Brothers in Santa Monica
California…seems like I remember that they have a lot of wax
patterns. Their web site is http://www.bourgetbros.com


Derick, Have you accessed the Lapidary Journal’s Web Site? They
usually have shows listed. Is your driving tour being routed by an
agency? I suggest getting a good road atlas of California and Oregon,
check the routes you will be driving and look to see what cities you
will be driving near and check the LJ Web Site for those cities.

If you are driving in both the North and South direction, I strongly
suggest you try some of the parallel routes to Highway 5, the primary
road from Los Angeles into Oregon. There is Highway 1 or 101 which is
the Coastal drive, or Highway 99 which is a bit inland. Both offer
great alternatives to 5. It is easy to traverse all three when
necessary to either speed up or slow down.

If you happen to think about San Diego, please e-mail me, I will be
happy to play tour guide, perhaps offer you a bed and home cooked
meal. How many in your party? I have one large sleeper couch
available, and could put children on an air mattress. Teresa

Hi Derick, I live on the Southern Oregon coast, I think you’ll love
your drive up. You should definately take the Hwy. 1 route if you
have the time, it’s beautiful! My brother has a gallery in Big Sur
that’s fun to check out, the Hawthorne Gallery, and across the street
is the Phoenix Shop which also has alot of interesting goodies to look
at. Frei and Borel is in Oakland (or is it Berkley), just east of San
Francisco, they carry alot of tools and such. I’m sure there are many
other places as well for supplies and tools that other people can tell
you about. Enjoy your travels, the weather has been beautiful! Lisa –
Lisa Hawthorne @Lisa_Hawthorne_and_S

They’re in Oakland, at 126 2nd Street, near to where 2nd Street dead
ends into Oak Street, ~5 blocks from Jack London Square. They’re
open M-F 8:30 to 5 pm (but I believe they’re closed for lunch between
12:30 - 1:30.)

They also have a branch in San Francisco, at the Revere Academy at
760 Market St.

– Constance

When in Los Angeles, there is only one area that will serve you well.
Assuming that you have a valid resale license (and I do suggest you
bring it) you should make your way downtown to the area of Sixth and
Hill. There is the California Jewelry Mart and the St. Vincent
Jewelry Center to start. Just start walking through the stores and
chatting with the booth owners. The best sources I’ve found are Bella
Findings and A&P Jewels (both on the ground floor of the Calif Jewelry
Mart on Hill St). There is also A&A Findings and Tools on Sixth
Street. If you are interested in glass beads, Bohemian Crystals and
Berger Beads are on or around 8th Street near the Flower Mart.

Do stay away from the other jewelry stores in town. They are highly
overpriced - sometimes to the point of being insane - and you won’t
find anything there that you can’t get cheaper downtown.

catherine clinch

Re: Orchidians visiting Ellay (Los Angeles, to the out-of towners.) I
have had my business in the California Jewelry Mart since 1983. I am a
Graduate Gemologist, fourth generation in the diamond business.
(Previous three generations were all diamond cutters. I don’t work
at the diamond cutting wheel, but make mostly custom order jewelry.) I
know, and have done business with a great many of the firms in this
district since I started workng here in the early 1970’s.

If you will be visiting the Jewelry District, PLEASE DO drop in to
say “hello.” I’ll be glad to let you know of some good sources with
whom to shop.

I agree, by the way, with MOST of Catherine Bacos Clinch’s
recommendatons. I haven’t met her, but extend the offer to her, as

David Barzilay Lord of the Rings 607 S Hill St. Ste 850 L.A.,
CA90014-1718 (213) 488-9157 @David_E.Barzilay