[Jewelry attractions] Venice Italy

I am going to Venice Italy May 14-27 and wondered if any of you
know of jewelers’ studios to visit, jewelers who can’t be missed, or
workshops being held in the nearby area. There is a place called
Morano which has fabulous glass and I am sure quite a few
shops…are any special that someone knows of?

Esta Jo
estajo at msn.com

Hello, I lived in Italy for three years and moved back to the states
a year ago. I lived in Vicenza about 40 miles from Venice. There
are many many shops in Venice. Italy is the largest purchaser of
gold in the world and from what I have heard they buy the most of it
from Africa. I, too was very excited to go to the Island of Murano
but when I got there realized that it is the most expensive place to
buy Murano glass. They do have wonderful demonstrations there but I
personally wouldn’t buy the beads there. They have vendors along
the canals and two wonderful bead shops in Venice walking distance
from San Marco square. I am not an expert by any means but if you
have any more questions please feel free to ask more. I have more
tips about Venice if saving some money is an issue. Hope I help!
Lori Kovash, Fort Irwin California

Venice is a very very very plesant tourist trap, at least from my
experience. :wink:

I didn’t see much in the way of jewelery when I was there, it’s
mostly known for Murano glass (which is most excellent) and masks. I
also may have completely missed the boat on the jewelers there
because I only recently discovered how interesting art metalsmithing
could be. :wink:

I can’t recomend a particular glass shop in Murano, except that I’d
suggest that you spend a lot of time at the shops going through the
different ones. If your hotel has a shuttle to Murano, you will end
up at a glass shop that charges a lot for the glass. Better deals
can be had elsewhere.

Most of the glass shops will ship stuff for you as part of the
service. They will pack the heck out of it so that even if it gets
mishandled, it will still make it OK. Much much less trouble than
trying to take it with you the whole way.

It’s like any town where there’s lots of tourists… there’s the
places that are oriented towards tourists and there’s the places that
hate the tourists where the real deals / fun / etc. can be had.

Have fun in Venice. It’s a very unique place and it may be a coral
reef instead of a city in 100 years, so enjoy it while you can. :wink:

Ken “Wirehead” Wronkiewicz \ \ /
http://www.wirewd.com/wh/ \ \

    Have fun in Venice.  It's a very unique place and it may be a
coral reef instead of a city in 100 years, so enjoy it while you
can. ;) 

I hope it will not happen…not in 100 years !

Anyhow if you want to see something about metals art, take a look to

" Ca de Oro " laboratory and shop, Cannaregio 1338 S.Leonardo
Venezia e-mail cadeoro@hotmail.com lode.art@libero.it

and speak with Lauro and Davide Vianello, father and son, the

There will be a Contemporary Jewelry Art Show, on 15th of May,with
several designers and jewel -makers. The last show in February has
had a great mood.

Cheers !
http://www.laboratoriogus.com/ GUS

Ken and Lori, Thanks for comments on Venice. I am interested in
glass beads for necklaces and earings. I would like to know the
names of those shops you mentioned and I am interested in keeping my
costs low.

Esta Jo