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[Jewelry Attractions] Vancouver Island, Seattle, Portland

Hi Everyone,

We are going to be in the fabulous Northwest next week. I am
wondering if there are any jewelry attractions in Vancouver Island,
Seattle or Portland you would recommend.

I tried the archives but have to admit, I seem to be archive

Thanks to everyone. I have never been involved in such a generous
group of humans as this. It’s the 2004 version of community at its
best. All those science fiction books I read as a teenager were
wrong - at least about some things.


Dear Beverly,

While not actually jewelry stores, the following places do carry
interesting, often locally created, jewelry in Seattle: Pike’s Place
Market (it’s crowded on Saturdays, but it is still the best day to
go), Fireworks (4 locations) and Facere. If you are lucky enough to
be there for any of the street fairs, you’ll find lots of great
stuff including jewelry