[Jewelry Attractions] Traveling to Maine

Hello all orchidites, My spouse and I are visiting the Maine coast
the last week in August, first week of September. Any suggestions of
local galleries, individual crafts people, sites, sounds, landmarks
would be most appreciated. We have no finite plans as we tend to
travel as our whim takes us, so please give us a nudge. Thanks in


Rene, How far up the coast are you going? If you make it as far as
Blue Hill, I’d recommend taking the time to head out to Deer Isle. I
worked there for a while at the RH Pearson Design studio. They do
great stuff with cold forging. Doug Wilson’s (an incredible
blacksmith)studio is located 30 feet from Pearson’s . Also, the
Haystack Mountain School of Crafts is located there as is the Blue
Heron Gallery.

Lots of other artist there as well. Have Fun!

Ed Colbeth
San Diego